Having lived and travelled extensively in New Zealand I have always been drawn to and inspired by the beautiful unfurling silver fern frond, known to the indigenous Maori people as ‘Koru’.


This spiral shape symbolises growth, new beginnings, strength and peace. It conveys the idea of perpetual movement. We know that the only thing that is certain in life is change. By acknowledging this truth and recognising the circular motion of life and the patterns and cycles that we repeat, we can reconnect with our natural rhythm and balance in a seemingly chaotic world.

For me the Koru captures the idea that often we are aware of certain emotions and feelings within us, but there are aspects of ourselves that we have either deliberately or subconsciously hidden from ourselves and others, which are unknowingly affecting our sense of well-being.

With compassion and gentle nurturing, we can allow ourselves to delicately unravel and to shine a light on all of the many parts of our nature that make up who we are. With full acceptance of ourselves we are more able to move forward with confidence and purpose.

Fern Frond.New Fern leaf unfurling..jpg

 'Allow yourself to awaken and unfurl to see the wonder of being you.'